• Year: 2020
  • Location: São Paulo, SP - Brazil
  • Area: 17 m²
  • Category: Comercial
  • Photos: ©Lauro Rocha

The project was developed based on the premise of translating the brand's identity into spatial experience. The experience is divided into three moments: the administrative, financial, inventory and exhibition space. In addition to the concept, the space also had to meet a very pragmatic demand: being able to house — at different times — four types of program: store, showroom, inventory and dining room. The diversity of uses required us to think of elements as devices that enable the expansion and contraction of space. A movable bench that fits into the joinery furniture, racks that move up and down according to your needs, in such a way that several scenarios materialize in the same environment.

The racks should bring subtlety and dynamics to the space, and to this end, the brushed steel pieces were curved, configuring elements of greater organicity and giving movement to the displayed clothing items. With the aim of reducing costs — but still being able to work with higher-cost materials — stones discarded by a local marble factory were used to compose the base, handles for the racks and support surface for a mobile bench.

The larger blocks of yellow sandstone were drilled so that the vertical supports of the macaws could be fitted and fixed - in such a way that the weight of the block acts as a foundation and anchor. Smaller blocks were carved, sanded and drilled, serving as handles for the mobile racks. The marble sheet used was completely irregular and was therefore cut within the intact perimeter of the piece, and then fixed onto the structure of the store's mobile bench.