In the Anthropocene, it is urgent that the field of architecture is able to think and act in face of social, environmental, political and economic problems resulting from the indiscriminate exploitation of the planet and its inhabitants. When designing a space, infinite others are designed in parallel – from extraction and manufacturing to disposal, the processes involved in building and their places of origin and destination are countless and most of the time absolutely dissociated.

understands the field of architecture as a fundamental means of tensioning these issues and proposing alternatives to the current model of production currently based on the linearity of processes to move towards circular models of existence.

We start from ruins – the primordial framework of architecture – as a driving force for what can provide important reflections of other approaches to what it means to think and do architecture in our time. Other epistemologies of thought and practice seem increasingly necessary for our field of activity, which critically pay attention to the past in order to build possible futures in the present.