RUÍNA is an architecture studio focused on the local context and low environmental impact. We carry out architectural, construction, furniture and consultancy projects, respecting material resources and ensuring greater agility, efficiency and economy. Based in São Paulo - Brazil.


Julia PeresRetrato de Julia Peres is an architect, graphic artist and founding partner - graduated from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in 2019. She studied at Universidad de Los Andes (Cartagena, Colombia) and worked in architecture offices in Brazil. Was part of the executive team of the 11th São Paulo Architecture Biennial. In 2019 she collaborated with the Ecuadorian studio Al Borde developing projects of different scales and programs in the city of Quito. In 2021 she worked with FIO Assessoria on projects to improve occupied buildings in the center of São Paulo, together with the MSTC.

Victoria BragaRetrato de Victoria Braga is an architect, researcher and founding partner - graduated from Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in 2019. She studied at the University of Buenos Aires (2018). Collaborated with the publisher Romano Guerra/Vitruvius (2015/16), with the IVM - Institut pour la Ville en Mouvement (2017) and was part of the Goma Oficina Cultural Association (2017-2022). She worked with the USINA CTAH technical advisory team for technical assistance actions (2021) and is currently part of the Postgraduate Program in Archeology and Cultural Heritage at UFRB.

Have already collaborated Arthur Silva, Carolina Milani, Elky Santos, Vinicius Costa

Institutional Partnerships FAU Mackenzie, MSTC, Fio Assessoria, Fundo FICA


We develop architectural projects for different scales and demands, valuing the process and experimentation as a source for authentic and innovative practice. RUÍNA also carries out research laboratories and educational activities with the reuse of materials and construction waste. Recognized by national and international awards, the studio was founded in 2020 by Julia Peres and Victoria Braga.