• Year: 2024
  • Location: Chapada Diamantina, BA - Brazil
  • Area: 50 m²
  • Material: Arquivo SSA
  • Status: ongoing project

Study underway for modular and prefabricated house project with reused materials - Sítio Katatau

Located in an isolated region in Chapada Diamantina, between the municipality of Palmeiras and Vale do Capão. The project envisages the use of reused components supplied by Arquivo SSA such as door frames, windows, sheets of tempered glass and shorter pieces of solid wood in the configuration of structures and closures.

From a replicable base module (3.5mX3.5m) it is possible to create different configurations, meeting specific demands and allowing the construction of environments to be phased. All parts are assembleable/disassembled, ensuring the possibility of full reuse of materials.

The architecture adapts to different types of terrain and integrates with the landscape with subtlety, providing contact with nature and minimal constructive interference in the life of the existing flora and fauna.