• Year: 2023
  • Location: São Paulo, SP - Brazil
  • Area: 35 m²
  • Cateory: Artistic Installation
  • Conception and coordination: RUÍNA
  • Assembly: RUÍNA and Coletivo Avuá
  • Collaboration and lighting design: Coletivo Avuá
  • Photos: ©Ana Clara Muner

When designing a space, infinite others are designed in parallel – from extraction and manufacturing to disposal, the processes involved in construction and their places of origin and destination are countless and in most cases absolutely dissociated.

The installation “Virgínia in suspension” seeks to highlight the elements belonging to and found in the Virgínia Building and present them as artifacts fundamentally constitutive of this space/time.

Walking among these material fragments - urban ruins - is an invitation to understand what is intangible about their presence, and how a large part of humanity has approached their way of producing spaces in recent centuries.

What reflections can we make when time and matter are suspended?